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When the nerve of a tooth is inflamed or infected it will be needed to perform an endodontic treatment (colloquially called “killing the nerve”).

Sensitivity to cold, heat, spontaneous pain or pain during mastication are symptoms that may indicate a need for endodontic treatment. Changes in the color of a tooth, abscesses, gumboils or fistulas are also symptoms that may indicate its need.

This is usually a consequence of tooth decay when it reaches the nerve, although it can also be produced by a traumatism or an excessive tooth wear.

The endodontic treatment consists on removing the pulp along with the bacteria that were inside the tooth. The remaining space will be filled with an inorganic material so it can be hermetically sealed.

This treatment is usually performed in a single session and it’s painless thanks to the use of the newest techniques and materials which guarantee the best results possible. In some cases, depending on the initial status, it may be needed to use anti-inflammatory medication.

The treatment is completed when the tooth is completely restored. Depending on its initial destruction a filling or a dental crown may be needed.

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